On Day NINE, it is still raining. Outdoor photo opps are limited, so we will have to make do with subjects close to home. The wet weather wildlife is a tad lacking in charisma.


Model - E-P5
DateTime - 2013:11:09 11:18:36


The challenge with still life setups is to get everything from front to back and side to side in focus. Even with the lens stopped down it is hard to get everything in focus when the subject has a considerable relative distance between the front and back.

One solution to this problem, used here, is to take a set of images, each one focused on a different point in the subject. With the Olympus E-P5 this is made easier by using the manual focus enlargement spot [found on many other cameras] where you select various points, focus on those and take the photos.

In Photoshop run Browse in Bridge, locate and select the set and under Tools select Photoshop/Load Files Into Photoshop Layers.

When all layers are loaded in Photoshop select them as a linked group and go to Edit/Auto Align and then, when that is done, Edit/Auto Blend. Photoshop merges the image set, blending the sharpest part of each individual picture into one sharp image. Then go Layers/Flatten.

LENS: m.Zuiko 60mm macro